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Fiscal Year 2020 Planning

  • 2020 Planning and Budget Calendar
  • Budget Forum - campus community can leave comments about budget requests (currently closed)
  • FY20-21 Budget Proposal Narrative Template (coming soon)
  • FY20-21 Budget Proposal Detail Template (coming soon)

Operating Budget  WWU Operating Budget Archive

Final operating budgets from past years are available below.  Please contact the Budget Office for more information.

FY stands for "fiscal year".  Fiscal years start on July 1st and run through June 30th of the following year.  Fiscal years are named for the year in which they end.  For example FY19 runs from July 1, 2018 through June 30, 2019. 


Planning Archives

Proposals and final decisions from prior fiscal years are listed below. Individual divisions may have additional information regarding specific proposals.